It’s funny how many people who are very gifted communicators when they are in a familiar setting can suddenly go all shy and tongue-tied when the location changes.

Thus it is that many teachers and management trainers can be quite at home standing up in front of a classroom or training room, yet very unhappy at the prospect of using a training tool which is already massive and is about to become overwhelming on the internet.

I’m talking about video, in the widest sense – making your own, getting someone else to make one for you, and the various kinds of mix & match approaches where you do part of the work and commission someone else to do the rest.

The reluctance is, I guess, a mixture of fear of the unknown, not knowing where to start and the natural terror people feel when that cold and unresponsive black disc, the camera lens, is pointed at them.

To try and get people more accustomed to using video I have teamed up with the renowned ‘trainer-trainer’ Alison Miles-Jenkins, founder of YourTrainingBusiness.

Alison and I are ‘co-starring’ in a free webinar for trainers about how to use video.

We’ve love you to sign up for it. As I say, it’s absolutely free but full of useful tips.

If you’d like to attend, just click HERE