• What is crisis communication?
Crisis communication is the strategy and logistics of handling bad news. Training to communicate in a crisis can be seen as a specialised form of media training or as part of emergency planning.

  • What do you mean by a crisis?
A crisis is any situation which if not handled well could damage or destroy your organisation. It might be anything from a natural disaster to poor business performance or an accusation of criminal, unethical or scandalous behaviour.

  • Why train for a crisis?
Bad news spreads like wildfire, so being able to respond efficiently and appropriately is essential. Crisis communication training enables you to create and practise a plan. You will know what to say and when, and will be able to form an effective crisis team.

  • How do people get it wrong?
Most commonly: attempting to deny the undeniable; making no comment or a too-late comment; failing to engage with social media; failing to kill unfounded rumours.

  • Who should be trained?
All those with an interest in the organisation’s media response in the event of a crisis. It might be the CEO, the Director of Communications, Emergency Planning, Marketing or HR, or anyone else who has media relations or emergency planning within their remit.

  • What does the training consist of?
The training can run as a stand-alone event or as the media component of an emergency planning training exercise. You will learn about and practice holding statements, media interviews and press conferences. Our highly experienced interviewer, crew and equipment will ensure a realistic experience. The interviews are played back and analysed with constructive feedback.


Free services:

Advice by Skype or phone on any communication topic. No obligation, no pressure.


  • unlisted YouTube videos
  • audio podcasts
  • ‘Top Tips’ checklists
  • whitepapers

All items available in English, French, German and Spanish.


  • how to become newsworthy
  • making your CEO a thought leader
  • crisis communication
  • presenting without fear
  • using video in business


Paid services:

Set at a BBC or other TV studio with an experienced professional tutor and crew. The ideal media learning experience.

Group size: 1-10 delegates
Duration: 1/2 day to 5 days


For when there are constraints on time or budget. Any time of day, including before or after normal office hours.

Group size: 1-6 delegates
Duration: 2 hours


Personal tuition for important interviews. Live or via Skype or other phone. Transcript and model answers included.

Individual tuition
Duration: 1 hour


Open-ended coaching or consultancy for any communications purpose, bookable by the hour. Live, Skype or phone.

Individual coaching/consultancy
Duration: Min 1 hour, no max


For those who want to learn, practise and consolidate. Programmes of four weekly tutorials with homework.

Individual coaching
Duration: 4 x 1 hour


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