It’s good to see the world’s biggest drug company, Pfizer, using video to support its mega-bid to buy UK pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca.  And this morning (Monday May 12) they introduced another element into the equation.  A smilier and more human spokesperson.

Chairman and CEO Ian Read’s videos in favour […]

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Introducing the £200 film-maker

I very much enjoyed today’s Communicate! 2013 conference in Bristol, so thank you to all those who gave me such a warm welcome. I was asked about my budget professional film kit and promised to post about it, so here goes. Amazingly, you can now set yourself up as a […]

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Why trainers should use video

It’s funny how many people who are very gifted communicators when they are in a familiar setting can suddenly go all shy and tongue-tied when the location changes.

Thus it is that many teachers and management trainers can be quite at home standing up in front of a classroom or training […]

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How to get rid of YouTube branding

YouTube is a fantastic resource in all sorts of ways, and one of its most useful functions for business websites is the ability to ‘embed’.

This is basically a bit of techie sleight of hand. It LOOKS as though the video is on your site, with its size and shape placed […]

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