Nature contemplation

Here are 10 questions to start you thinking in the right direction.

  1. When you speak to audiences, internal or external, are you being yourself or playing a role?
  2. Consciously or unconsciously, do you ever use language to mislead rather than communicate?
  3. Do you do the right thing because it’s the right thing, or because it’s good PR?
  4. Should information be public unless there’s a reason to conceal, or secret unless there’s a reason to reveal?
  5. Do you find it hard to admit when you or your company are in the wrong?
  6. Are you honest with yourself about your personal strengths and weaknesses?
  7. Do you ever ‘brief against’ someone or simply talk behind their back?
  8. Are your job and your organisation socially useful?
  9. Is there anything about what you do, or what your organisation does, that you wouldn’t like your mother to know?
  10. Would you feel comfortable inviting an investigative journalist to look round your operation?

Have a great 2014!